Planet X Stores

Toronto - Beaches

2227 Queen Street E.
Toronto, Ontario
Manager: Serena
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Planet X Beaches is the newest Planet X store. Opening in May 2009 it is located in the very hip east end Toronto neighbourhood called The Beach. Even though this location is still young it is growing in popularity and is known for its large selection of statues and trade paperbacks.

Richmond Hill

815 Major Mackenzie Dr. E.
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Manager: Davin
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Planet X Richmond Hill is the eldest of the Planet X stores; opening in 1992. Even though it has the smallest square footage of any Planet X location it contains the most diverse amount of products we have available. Thus it's the best example of what our company has to offer.

Planet X Webstore

The Planet X Webstore was launched in July 2007. It is growing with product every week and currently has over 3,000 items listed. Our goal is to have all of our products available for purchase from the webstore. Until that time please contact us directly for a product you are seeking and we will look around in our warehouse for it. We will ship worldwide, and offer a safe and secure payment option.